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How it works

Socialeads combines social science, data science, and advanced technologies to analyze your social networks to deliver transactional insights on-demand.

  • Social Science

    Analyzes social media content for context, life events, and personality dimensions.

  • Data Science

    Integrates digital marketing and CRM data machine learning to rank top prospects, referrers, and influencers.

  • Advanced Technologies

    AI chat bots and notification systems provide instant access to actionable data from you social networks.

Living in a digital world

In today’s world, people of all ages are actively sharing life events with their friends, families, and colleagues through social networks. Some of these events lead to buying a home, saving for college, and planning for retirement – all which require smart financial solutions to support future goals. For many people, there’s not always an obvious solution at hand.

Peace of mind

Our platform helps Sales professionals identify potential customers experiencing milestone life events. These leads generally have the highest intent to purchase.

Our mission

Socialeads is an AI platform that helps financial services companies and their advisors to automatically know the size, depth, and value of their professional and personal social networks.

Our platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand the meaning and context of social media posts and the activities, personality, sentiment, emotionality and behaviors that reveal top prospects and referrers - helping advisors know who in their network of connections is the right person to contact at the right time for the right product.

We differentiate in the arena of social network analytics products in that the Socialeads’ machine learning platform is trained on the unique marketing and sales data of each client, in essence becoming an expert data insights platform that self-customizes. It’s a machine-learning as a service platform that is continuously improving insights based on the specific marketing and sales performance data.

  • Larry Hitchcock
    Larry Hitchcock CEO, Co-Founder
  • Matthew Salzer
    Matthew Salzer CTO, Co-Founder

Socialeads wins Northwestern Mutual’s first ever Reverse Pitch event and receives initial investment, collocation facilities, and co-development partnership with NM's internal teams.


We’re looking for talented individuals to help us build one of the smartest AI platforms on the planet.

  • Mobile Engineer

    Has proven expertise in React Native, mobile security, and deploying solutions to the App Store.

  • Backend Cloud Engineer

    Has experience in .NET server-side development, as well as expertise in architecting and developing cloud native solutions on AWS.